Different Colors of German Shepherds

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Furthermore, it’s really justified that some colours are amongst the unaccepted ones.

We’ll dive deeper into how you can keep away from undesirable shades and emerge as truly of an specialist on the GSD’s actual colours and patterns.

True German Shepherd Colors

There are 7 acceptable German Shepherd colors:

  • Black and Tan
  • Black and Red
  • Solid Black
  • Sable (dark, black, red variants)
  • Black and Cream
  • Black and Silver
  • Bi-Color

Black and Tan

Black and Tan is the most common color among German Shepherds.

The classic black and tan German Shepherd is often seen in working lines.

While this dog definitely exists in show lines across the world too, many people in the US prefer the next type that’s more red than tan.

The tan part is also commonly referred to as mahogany or rust in other breeds and everything essentially refers to the same color.

How rich or pale this coat type is can vary but it’s a pretty safe choice when it comes to color.

People who want to compete in conformation may need to look more closely at the coat.

Black and Red

As mentioned, black and red German Shepherds are favorites among the show lines.

A rich, red coat can surely look stunning on a German Shepherd.

Solid Black

The purely black German Shepherd is quite rare and sought-after.

However, be aware of breeders trying to sell you a dog just based on coat color.

While black is a common color among other breeds, the black gene has been found to be recessive in the German Shepherd.

Black German Shepherds are created through a solid black parent with another solid black parent or a black and tan part.

Unless connected to crossbreeding or poor health, color has absolutely nothing to do with behavior and your black GSD may look more menacing but can be a real softie (depending on the genetics and breeding line).

Temperament selection, training, and socialization are what determines how your dog’s going to behave.

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