5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Exotic Shorthair

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Identified for its teddy bear appears to be like, with massive, expressive eyes and cute spherical faces, the Unique Shorthair is a lovely cat breed. Many know the Unique Shorthair as a shorthaired model of the Persian, however there are numerous different traits they’ve which can be distinctive. Listed here are 5 issues most don’t know in regards to the Unique Shorthair cat breed:


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1. They Are Not So Shorthaired

The Exoctic Shorthair tends to have extra hair than your typical shorthaired cat. As a consequence of their unbelievable plush, thick coat, the Unique Shorthair tends to shed greater than most cats with related coats.  To fight their shedding, weekly brushings are advisable for this breed. For these Exotics with the trademark flat confronted look, additionally it is steered to do each day wiping in folds and creases across the eyes and nostril to maintain them clear and wholesome.


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2. They Are A Man Made Breed

The Unique Shorthair was mentioned to have been created by mixing a Persian with an American Shorthair. Whereas the Unique Shorthair possesses a really Persian temperament, being docile and candy, this breed is a little more adventurous and playful attributable to its American Shorthair lineage. Enjoyable truth: The Unique Shorthair was first known as a “Sterling” due to its coat coloration.


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