Top 10 Cat Breeds That Love Water

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These 10 cat breeds are these identified to take pleasure in some water enjoyable!

Eleven Cat Breeds that Like Water

#1 – Abyssinian


Georgia Veterinary Associates lists the Abyssinian as an “alert, curious, and busy” breed that loves to indicate off and has a propensity for escape. Their curious nature and intelligence make it no shock this stunning cat may take pleasure in investigating a water supply. And through shedding season, these busy cats may simply love a heat bathtub!

#2 – Bengal


Bengal cats love water, easy as that. These extremely lively cats love bathtub time, hanging by the pool, and may even comply with you into the bathe. To provide a Bengal cat some a lot craved time taking part in in water,  Fluffy Planet recommends “Refill the water tub up to some inches and watch your kitten let it free within the water.” Don’t let the water get too sizzling or too chilly although!

#3 – Maine Coon


One other cat who will be a part of you within the bathe is the Maine Coon. These massive fluffy cats “have thick, dense in addition to waterproof coats that may maintain them heat in freezing temperatures, and maintain them dry when strolling by means of snow or ice,” in accordance with Maine Coon Professional. So because of the waterproof fur, Maine Coons discover water to be a enjoyable journey for his or her exploratory natures. Plus, these light giants have a pure “intuition to splash or swirl the water of their water bowls to be able to verify its freshness.”

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