5 Things You Didn’t Know About Scottish Fold Cats

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Lengthy earlier than Taylor Swift began toting round each of her pampered Scottish Fold cats, this breed was adored by many for its distinctive charisma. Except for their apparent ear folds that give the breed its title, what else have you learnt about this stunning breed? Check out our 5 belongings you didn’t know concerning the Scottish Fold:


Supply: Oksana Sorochan through Flickr

1. Not All Scottish Fold Cats Have the Trademark Ears

Though this is likely to be a bit stunning, it’s definitely true. All Scottish Fold kittens are coincidentally born with straight ears, and round 3-4 weeks of age kittens will begin to develop the fold of their ear. For these kittens whose ears don’t bend, they’re known as “Straights.” There’s a pure gene mutation which causes the fold within the cat’s cartilage. Except for Straights, the Scottish Fold additionally is available in each longhair and shorthair varieties.


Supply: Kruzenstern through Flickr

2. They Are A Quiet Breed

These quiet cats are recognized for being very tender spoken, and once they do meow, it’s a candy, tender sound that isn’t very loud. You’ll not often discover one that’s overly chatty. Enjoyable reality: Earlier than they have been known as the Scottish Fold, these cats have been referred to as “Flops” on account of their signature ear form.


Supply: Nickolas Titkov through Flickr

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