5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about the Burmese Cat

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Some individuals could not have the ability to inform one breed of cat from the opposite – the truth is, some don’t know that there are even breeds in cats! However we do – and we admire them for all their uniqueness! We all know that the Burmese are strikingly stunning cats identified for his or her giant inexperienced eyes and quick silky coats. Many homeowners can attest to their “chatty Kathy” nature. Check out our 5 belongings you didn’t know concerning the Burmese cat breed:

1. Don’t Let the Glossy Look Idiot You

These cats are shiny and clean with an excellent modern look but fairly heavy. They’re a sturdy, muscular cat with a heavy physique. Due to their shocking weight, the Burmese are sometimes called a “brick wrapped in silk” .


Supply: Mikael Tigerström by way of Flickr

2. The Burmese Is Not Your Anti-Social Cat

These cats are identified for being fairly clingy, and  appear to own many dog-like qualities. One in all these qualities is that they don’t wish to be left alone. They’ve a really naturally trusting nature and are typically very clingy. Enjoyable reality: regardless of the title of the breed, the Burmese that we all know at this time have been really bred right here in the US.


Supply: denAsuncioner by way of Flickr

3. Not All Burmese Cats Have Inexperienced Eyes

Though most Burmese are identified for his or her charming inexperienced eyes and glossy chocolate brown coats, there are some Burmese which have yellow or blue eyes. The Burmese cat breed is available in 4 completely different colours: champagne, platinum, blue, and the sable (their signature creamy brown).


 Supply: Dee Bamford by way of Flickr

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